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PowerBox-Systems GmbH

We develop and produce modern, innovative and reliable power supply systems for the modeller

Since the company’s foundation, PowerBox-Systems GmbH has set the standard for modern, secure power supply systems for use in models. Our staff now numbers around twenty passionate individuals who work in the development, production, service and administration departments. We can claim with pride that many of our own innovations, ideas and product developments have now become indispensable aspects of any modern model aircraft.

Products made by PowerBox-Systems are the world’s most widely sold and most reliable power supply systems available, with sales partners in more than fifty countries. Of all the power supply systems employed in model aircraft this makes us Number One supplier. PowerBox-Systems equipment is a byword for high performance and extreme standards of workmanship, quality and reliability.

PowerBox-Systems make the only equipment to be recommended by renowned radio control manufacturers for installation in large-scale models. Many suppliers of model kits, engines and accessories specifically recommend PowerBox systems.

All the products developed and manufactured by PowerBox-Systems continue to set the standard in terms of quality. In-house quality management procedures ensure that all our equipment is subject to product-specific tests during manufacture. All production processes are documented with painstaking accuracy, and a unique serial number and barcode are assigned to each product.

Select a PowerBox-Systems product, and you are certain to have made the right choice. You will have many years of pleasure with your product - guaranteed!

A one-stop shop

Our staff and our expertise are our capital

Research and basic planning
Development and design
Circuit board layout
Production and sales
Quality management
Real-world testing at our own flying site

Our products

Why PowerBox-Systems are the best choice ...

... because it is the safest option!

PowerBox-Systems is the only manufacturer in the model industry whose battery backers are built with complete redundancy in the power supply path, i.e. security does not stop with a simple dual-battery arrangement. Even our smallest backers incorporate two controllers, two switches and two regulators in order to guarantee total reliability in the power supply. The two systems work entirely independently of each other – if you fit a PowerBox-Systems device, the failure of one component does not result in the loss of the model.

... because maximum performance is our constant aim!

Power supply systems from PowerBox-Systems are designed with maximum performance in mind. The dual regulator arrangement guarantees maximum throughput. Modern digital servos can draw enormous peak currents, but our power supply systems cope effortlessly with such extremes. Heat-sinks of generous size guarantee our equipment’s ability to tolerate extremely high continuous loads. At the same time we insist that all our products are actually suitable for their stated purpose – which means that size and weight are crucial criteria.

... because we consider user-friendliness of extreme importance!

All PowerBox-Systems products are developed with totally intuitive operation high on the agenda. For each product we invest a large part of the development time in ensuring that its operation is user-friendly. This is a very complex and cost-intensive process, but we consider it to be absolutely essential to guarantee that the customer enjoys using the product over an extended period.

Our guarantee

We guarantee great pleasure with PowerBox-Systems ...

... guaranteed durability!

Rugged, carefully considered design, meticulously selected components and materials, in-house final assembly and checking by trained staff:
For these reasons our products come with a warranty of up to
2 years!

... because service does not stop when you purchase an item!

PowerBox-Systems grants a guarantee lasting two years on all products. However, the principle of Service remains valid even after this guarantee period. For example, free checking of any product goes without saying, as does fast, low-cost repair of defects due to the user’s actions. *batteries excepted

... because technical development never stands still!

Here at PowerBox-Systems we keep a very careful watch on the market, and work hard at introducing technical innovations in electronics into our own products as rapidly as possible. This is evident if you look back over the past few years: you will find that PowerBox-Systems was always right at the forefront when new innovations were developed. Regulated output voltage, channel-matching, and integrated door sequencers are just a few of the many important features which were introduced for the first time by PowerBox-Systems.

... because PowerBox-Systems always stays close to the action!

PowerBox-Systems has a presence at numerous Fairs, open airdays and other public events related to modelling. In this way we maintain close relations with top pilots, and this collaboration generates new contacts and fresh ideas which eventually find their way into products, and thus benefit the customer. Our ears are always open to suggestions and requests.

Our partnerships

Collaboration and exchange of ideas are important to us ...

PowerBox-Systems GmbH is a modern enterprise which makes innovative and reliable power supply systems available to all modellers through its world-wide dealer network. We develop and manufacture our products in-house, and we distribute them from our central store. Our power supply systems (battery backers, batteries and accessories) have been developed on the basis of 37 years of experience in model flying, and 25 years of professional activity in the modelling field (“Modellbau Deutsch”) in collaboration with young and enthusiastic electronics engineers. These devices have gained tremendous popularity all over the world.

Many of our successful products have only been possible thanks to an intensive exchange of experience with world champions in various competition classes, national champions and innumerable display pilots. We are very grateful to our team pilots for this collaboration, since our customers all over the world profit from this.

Progressive manufacturers of model kits, engines and accessories recommend PowerBox-Systems equipment. You all know the reason for this: no modern model aircraft is complete without a reliable, high-performance power supply system. Our partners have settled on the PowerBox range after their own thorough research, supported by our specialist knowledge, often after carrying out their own comprehensive tests.

Collaboration with every renowned radio control system manufacturer is a further fundamental requirement to ensure that our products are compatible with their RC systems. All over the world the works pilots of Futaba, JR, Spektrum, Multiplex and HiTec fly their competition and airshow schedules with models fitted with PowerBox power supply systems. As you would expect, our systems fulfil all the new requirements concerning new transmission frequencies.

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