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PowerBox Systems

Setting the standard in modern power supply systems.

Since the company’s foundation, PowerBox-Systems GmbH has set the standard for modern, secure power supply systems for use in models.

At the same time our PowerBox battery backers are far more than just redundant dual power supply systems or electronic On / Off switches. Over the last few years many new technical developments have become firmly established in the model world, both in terms of transmission techniques and battery technology. One outcome of these changes has been a rapid increase in the complexity of our models. Many tasks can no longer be carried out by the radio control system alone, and this necessitates intelligent solutions in the model. For example, in the course of the years our power supply products have been expanded to incorporate small but significant improvements such as servo-matching and door sequencers. The latest developments - such as the iGyro - open up entirely new possibilities in the field of flight dynamics, while PowerBus technology has the potential to change the entire electrical arrangement in our models.

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Battery systems

Safety and durability.

The PowerPaks are available with different capacities, and has been developed specifically for use as receiver and servo power supplies.

All the charging technology, including balancer and monitor circuits for voltage, current and temperature, is an integral part of the battery itself.

The only item you need to charge your valuable LiPo/LiIon safely and completely is a mains PSU or 12 V car adapter.

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PowerBox iGyro 3xtra

Keeping ahead through technology.

The iGyro 3xtra starts the second generation of the iGyro family. The new iGyro 3xtra boasts a completely revised regulatory algorithm and set-up procedure, expanded features and enormously enhanced performance, making it the new “State of the Art”.

In contrast to its predecessor - the 3e - the new iGyro no longer incorporates delta and V-tail mixers. Instead the iGyro has a new, simple learning process enabling it to detect all servo mixer combinations, which can even include differential and unequal travels. The user simply sets up delta control surfaces, V-tails, flaperons and tailerons at the transmitter in the usual way. A sophisticated three-dimensional algorithm then divides up the control commands again into aileron, elevator and rudder for all five inputs individually. This method ensures accurate suppression of the individual axes when control commands are given, or when the heading function is in use.

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PowerBox smoke pump

The world's most successful Smokepump.

The PowerBox Smokepump has been developed by PowerBox-Systems specifically for pumping smoke oil in model aircraft.

The mechanical system and electronics are manufactured on our own premises, and the unit’s high standard of quality is evident from its long effective life: the PowerBox Smokepump is the world’s most durable smoke oil pump.

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