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A class of it's own

Our ATOM radio control system establishes a new standard in the market segment of upper mid-range systems. Based on the considerable expertise we have gained from the CORE, together with new developments in electronics, revised software, a smaller Linux computer and a revision to the method of case manufacture, we have been able to create a system which has few rivals in terms of price : performance ratio.The system’s crucial feature is the ingeniously simple operating system, which is exactly the same as that of the CORE - it is even possible to interchange model files between the ATOM and CORE.
As you would expect from PowerBox, we have allowed no compromises in the matter of redundancy: the radio system and its power supply are of fully redundant design.


Ingeniously simple operating concept 1:1 from the CORE

The ATOM can transmit 18 channels at 2048-bit resolution with a data rate of 10ms. All channels are transmitted simultaneously in a single data packet, ensuring minimal latency and maximum precision.
The performance of the telemetry feedback channel is also unique in the RC world: data can be transmitted from the model to the transmitter at a rate of 800 x 16-bit packets per second. The maximum number of sensors is 250, each of which can deliver 32 sensor values - a gigantic quantity of data which is recorded in the ATOM transmitter, and is available for subsequent analysis.




Step resolution


Transmission rate


Telemetry values per second




One very special feature is the system’s unique speech output capability. The ATOM incorporates a licensed TTS (Text to Speech) server from Acapella. This is the most sophisticated TTS system currently available, and offers several different voices for every language; these can be used to provide spoken messages relating to telemetry values or switch settings. The complex task of creating audio files on the PC, followed by tediously copying them to the transmitter, is now a thing of the past.

Look and feel

Just hold the ATOM in your hand, and you immediately feel at home: all the switches are positioned just where you would expect from a High-End system. The pilot instantly has the impression of a professional “tool”, which he can instinctively control and handle. The detachable hand-grips, with their microfibre cloth surface, are pleasant to the touch at any time of year - as well as looking great. The transmitter also balances perfectly in the hands.

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